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For a one time payment of $1000

 I will turn this:

Into something like this:

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Hi, I'm Sal

Redesigning a new website doesn't have to be so difficult!

Over the course of my career I have helped frustrated small businesses close millions of dollars of revenue by developing and automating sales and marketing systems that actually produce a measurable ROI.

I've been able to do this through a simple philosophy K.I.S.S.  Keep it Stupid Simple!

I believe that when you're looking for help it should be as pain free and seamless of an experience as possible. I do this by simply telling my clients how much its going to cost them, what they will get, and they only pay once I've done the work.

Digital Marketing Expert with

10+ Years of Professional Experience

Why should you work with me?


I've spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out the best way to build brands and websites to attract their target customers.


I build all my websites on platforms such as Wix and Wordpress that are stupid simple to use once I set them up properly for you.


You get the professionalism of dealing with a large company but receive the personal attention that a small business can offer.


I have extensive knowledge in developing products, software and business systems. This means I'm able to build beautiful websites that would cost 3x-5x as much from a typical agency.


Pay when your website is finished.With no-upfront money or contracts, the decision really is Stupid Simple. 

P.S. Plus, I'm a down to earth guy who believes in keeping business simple and honest.

What people say about me

The not so fine, fine print


  • Copying current website content

    • Text

    • Images

    • Video

    • Forms

    • Downloads

    • Boat/Slip/Rental Listings

  • Up to 15 pages (many of your current pages can be condensed into one)

  • Transferring the domain to Wix

  • After I receive payment in full you will own the copyright to your website and it will be installed on your Wix server

  • To be clear I will not be developing any new content, I will just be using what you currently have or updated content provided to me by you upfront

Does not include:

  • Hosting (starts at $11/mo with Wix)

  • Any extra features or applications

  • Database creation, installation or maintenance

  • Website updates or maintenance

  • Search Engine Optimization (although you can perform your own SEO through the Wix platform and it's step by step directions)

If you're ready to get started or have any questions call or text me


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